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Building Resilience 101

BUILDING RESILIENCE 101 is an exclusive online course that consists of multiple video modules and downloadable PDF files that will show you how to become more resilient – especially as a teenager. 

The powerful steps, techniques, and methods you’ll discover inside the course can help anyone (no matter how much they are struggling) to become a much stronger, resilient, and confident person. This course is super easy to understand and is loaded with ACTIONABLE ADVICE that you can apply right away to start seeing quick results. 

Within the course, you’ll learn the most effective ways to change your own energy, change your environment, and also modify your own daily habits and rituals in order to help build resilience, grow your confidence and boost your own happiness. 


Pre-Order a Copy of Never Fight Alone

Suicide is among the second leading cause of death for teenage kids right behind unintentional injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In this book you will find 51 interviews with people who give valuable tips to overcome adversity & make an impact.

"We need someone that relates to teens and living proof that it does get better. I am glad, someone stepped up and put this all together."
Nyah Jones
Teen TikTok Influencer
“Teenage Impact is on a phenomenal mission and know what he is doing. You can apply his life-changing concepts to overcome adversity in your day-to-day lives.”
Will Holdren
Teen Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, & Author
“Teenage Impact does a great job collaborating with others to provide practical tips, strategies, & personalized stories on how to become more confident in your teenage years.”
Arman Chowdhury
Founder of Armani Talks
"I had a lot of hardships when I was younger. If I had something like the Teenage Impact, I would have avoided some of those hardships and my success would have come a lot sooner."
Laura Fiorella Egocheaga
CEO & Founder of Viral Growth Media
“You made me believe in myself to work harder and never give up just like you. Thank you very much.”
Anonymous High School Student
“Thank you for being a grown up that takes into full consideration that teenagers moods fluctuate. Thank you for creating a platform & a book for us to share your kindness.”
Anonymous High School Student​

Let's Work Together

Shelomo’s speeches are entertaining, powerful, and heart-felt. He has spoken to little as an audience of five hundred to several hundred students. He specializes in talking about resilience, mental health, and anti-bullying.