Never Fight Alone

"51 Inspiring Interviews to Help Teens Overcome Their Struggles & Improve Their Mental Health"

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About The Book

"You Don’t Have to Go Through It Alone"

Teenagers today are struggling like never before. They’re facing a multitude of problems—bullying, divorced or absentee parents, physical and sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts—in the midst of one of the most uncertain eras in modern history. Worst of all, many teens stay silent about their struggles, fighting a lonely battle that is claiming far too many lives.

Never Fight Alone is a book for teens that consists of 51 inspiring interviews with all sorts of people who have faced similar problems. From teen entrepreneurs to former professional athletes to inspirational authors and speakers, they describe the obstacles they faced, how they overcame them, and offer life-changing tips for how readers can do the same.

In this book, you will learn:

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About The Author

Shelomo Solson is the founder of Teenage Impact. His mission is to inspire teens to overcome adversity in life, so they can make an impact.

Shelomo wasn’t always positive. He was bullied from elementary school all the way to college. He lacked confidence and self-esteem in every area of his life.

He made it his goal to become more confident. He held over fifteen leadership positions from age seventeen to twenty-eight, including being the Florida regional director for his fraternity, overseeing seven schools; the chief executive officer of the fraternity’s first national alumni association; the University of South Florida’s College of Business Senator; Director of Corporate Relations for the International Business Board; and the president of his Toastmasters group. He has also held executive roles for the startup he worked for after college. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014 with a double major in management information systems and business management. He joined a Toastmasters club, which is a public speaking organization, where he won multiple speech competitions and became the district finalist twice.

He has been trained and certified by prestigious speakers and organizations.

This includes a Dale Carnegie Sales Certification (where he also became the sales presentation champion for the group), the Brian Tracy Speaker Academy, and Joe Yazbeck training certification. He is also certified to teach John Maxwell’s content.

Shelomo wants to help as many people as possible because he knows what it’s like to feel alone. He hopes you can spread his mission and his message.