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About Shelomo Solson – Speaker, Coach, Author, Creator

Private, professional, customized one-on-one coaching with Shelomo Solson to help you increase your online presence so you can achieve your business & personal goals.


Shelomo Solson is the founder of Teenage Impact, author of the book Never Fight Alone, and a youth speaker. He has built his brand from the ground up and made a name for himself in the personal development space for teenagers. He has 90+ podcast episodes listened in over 30 countries and 300+ self-help videos (2 of his videos reaching over 70,000 views). He has interviewed over 60 people from 7 countries on how they were able to overcome adversity.

He has held over fifteen leadership positions in the past ten years, including being the Florida regional director for his fraternity, overseeing seven schools; the chief executive officer of the fraternity’s first national alumni association; the University of South Florida’s College of Business Senator; Director of Corporate Relations for the International Business Board; and the president of his Toastmasters group. He has also held  sales & marketing executive roles for the startup he worked for after college. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014 with a double major in management information systems and business management. He joined a Toastmasters club, which is a public speaking organization, where he won multiple speech competitions and became the district finalist twice. He has been trained and certified by prestigious speakers and organizations. This includes a Dale Carnegie Sales Certification (where he also became the sales presentation champion for the group), the Brian Tracy Speaker Academy, and Joe Yazbeck training certification. He is also certified to teach John Maxwell’s content.

Shelomo Solson is taking everything he has learned from building his online presence in the past few years to help business owners like yourself grow online.

Here are the difficulties you will eliminate and what you will gain from one-on-one coaching with him.

Difficulties You Will Eliminate:

  • Fear of talking to a video camera. 
  •  Lack of social media or content strategy.
  • Lack of social media presence. 
  • No authority in your industry. 
  • No proper system in place to grow your online presence.
  • Not differentiating from your competition online.
  • Consistently coming up with new content to provide to your audience.

Positive Benefits:

  • Stand out from your competition online.
  • Have a system in place, so you don’t spend all your time on social media and consistently generate leads.
  • Look confident in your videos, even if you may feel uncomfortable.
  • Expand your network online by collaborating with well-known people in the industry.
  • Build credibility online by showing you are the thought leader in your industry.
  • Have your business thrive through video and podcasting.
  • Learn how to think of new and creative ways to create content consistently.

Here is what Shelomo Solson can help you with during your coaching sessions with him (depending on how many coaching sessions you sign up with him and your goals):

  1. Choose two online platforms to focus on (one long-form, one short-form). – Concentrating on many platforms, in the beginning, will lead to burn out. There are pros and cons for both long-form and short-form content. Long-form consists of longer videos, podcast episodes, and blogs. Short-form consist of social media post. During our coaching sessions, you will focus on the platforms, which are appropriate for your business.
  2. Create a system in place for you to consistently generate content, post online, and generate leads. – Some of the few reasons companies are not active on social media are they don’t have time, run out of ideas, or takes too much time. Shelomo will help you create a system that works best for you to maximize your time without letting quality suffer. 
  3. Master speaking to a video camera and/or a microphone. – Statistics show that businesses are more likely to convert after watching a video. There are billions of video views a day. Shelomo has spoken to many Entrepreneurs who will give a speech to hundreds of people with no problem but are terrified to talk to a video camera. Shelomo has been professionally coached for 6-months straight on how to speak to a video camera and a microphone and wants to help you do the same, so you can be considered a thought-leader in your industry. 
  4. Expand your network through podcast/video interviews. – After 60+ interviews, Shelomo realized interviewing someone has many benefits. It builds a relationship with the person you are interviewing. Relationships lead to more opportunities. Interviewing also helps grow your audience. If you get that person to share with their network of people, you can now expand your reach to their audience. Interviewing increases your reputation with other high-level people in your field. It can also teach you things you have never learned before. Shelomo will help you create your interview show and reach out to other industry experts. 
  5. Differentiate yourself from the competition. – It can be very discouraging to post online when there is a lot of competition out there. While you are not taking action, there is someone out there consistently posting and standing out from thousands of other competitors online. The only way to find out what makes you unique is through consistent trial and error.

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